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"I don't think that understanding what our beliefs are is important. What is important is that we get our audiences thinking about things for themselves." — Adam

by guitardude

No change in the set list at all from other shows, and it's showing. At points the band really seemed to be on auto-pilot; this from someone who has seen the band eleven times over a fourteen year period. I'm also a professional musician, so I know of which I speak. I asked Willie Williams after the show whether tonight (6/19 Oakland) would be the same set of songs -- he responded "Yes, pretty much the same. That's the show." A change of songs would really do the band good at this point, playing the same 21 songs for two months seems to be taking it's toll on the band's energy. If you rate live shows on a "win, lose, or draw" basis, this one was a draw.

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