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"Edge looked like Winnie the Witch, Adam looked like the Duchess of York, Larry looked like an extra from some skin flick and I looked like Barbara Bush." — Bono, describing the band's appearance in drag in the "One" video

by Lawrence

This concert was incredible. A 10.0. The reality is that U2 is beyond the point where we look solely at the set list to determine the quality of the performance. They can play 26 different songs from the set list they played in the New Meadowlands and still give an unreal performance. This concert, however, was spectacular. The energy from the group was solid, the crowd was totally into it, and the sound (I was in Section 123 straight in front of the stage) was great. The stage they construct makes the concert an extravaganza - lights, video screens, rotating bridges - are you kidding me? The new stadium itself is an embarrassment to the football teams that built it but that's for another forum.

In particular, the version of I'll Go Crazy and the transition to Discotheque was insane. I felt like I was in a club across the river. Walk On was was touching as I can remember on previous tours. And the encore with Out of Control and his theme that the more we change, the more we stay the same was special - referencing his visit to Asbury Park in late 70's. The love for Bruce/Clarence was also a classy touch.

Add the great tailgate with family/friends and a nice warm summer night - it was a life changing event. Made me really appreciate the band and how much they have contributed to music, the world and my life.

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