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"My idea of Christianity is no safety net, a scathing attack on bourgeois values, and a risk to respectability." — Bono

by zoodoctor

This was my second show of the 360 tour, and my tenth U2 show overall, dating back to ZooTV.

We arrived late,after 6 PM but had no problem securing a position in front of the back rail of the inner circle, dead center. This was a superb spot, and we were lucky to have it. The ladies behind us were lovely and friendly and added to our experience...and thanks to them for allowing me full access to the rail whenever I wanted it!

Interpol was OK, they gave a decent effort on a very hot night, to a less than enthusiastic and essentially empty stadium. The wait for U2 was long but interesting, as the road crew set up the instruments and stage.

The band came on after 9:15 PM, late, but it was finally dark at that point. I have been closely following setlists, so there really were no surprises in the song selection.

Some high points-- The Achtung Baby opening was incredible, very much like, IMO, the AB encores from the Vertigo Tour. The first four songs were high energy, and frankly, an awesome way to get things going. And BTW, the "Space Oddity" fade into "EBTTRT" loop to start things off was almost surreal.

From the back rail, we were as close to the boys as can be possible, and Bono came within feet of my right hand when he reached down from the bridge at the end of "UTEEOTW."

The Zooropa songs worked very well, and the bit of "Discotheque" at the end of "IGC" worked well.

The bit of "Scarlet" was amazing. I was mesmorized.

Some disappointments-- Well, not too many, actually. I was of the school that it would have been over the top if Springsteen had joined in and there was a real, full throttle Clarence Clemens tribute of some sort. The short speach, and "Jungleland" outro from Moment was expected and a bit disappointing.

I hate to say this, but I think "WOWY" may need a rest...awesome song, but the band looked bored when they played it.

Some observations-- I agree Bono looked quite fatigued (from up close) before Stay and after Vertigo..but he recovered well and finished strong.

Being in the inner circle, is at times challenging, as there is a lot of motion, and folks "jockeying for position." But if you keep your composure and stay firm, the experience is well worth the effort. And, the band does look around as they circle the catwalk, but I hardly would say they attempt to make eye contact or try to interact with fans. For sure, thought, you can see how hard they are working, and how tight they are as a band.

Overall, this was one of the best U2 shows I have had the pleasure of attending. They looked reasonably enthusiastic up close, and I hope they keep this up for many more years and tours.

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