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"Music can be intelligent without being intellectual." — Bono

by Scott

Am I the only one who thought the July 20 show at the Meadowlands was just okay? I've seen six U2 shows dating back to 1982. Some were life-changing (the "War" tour and twice on the "Achtung Baby" tour), and some were horrible (the stupid egg on the "Pop Mart" tour). I loved the set list on this one, and the stage set, of course. But while they played well, it felt just professional. Not inspiring. Except for a couple of comments about being in New Jersey, they didn't do much to connect with the crowd. Unlike some shows on this tour where they've pulled folks out of the audience or done other things to make the night unique, this one felt like they were phoning it in. I had the feeling that after two years on the road they were tired. It was especially disappointing because the last album is one of my favorites, and we had tickets to see this show's original date a year earlier - and traveled half way across the country to be there. I really thought Bono owed it to the fans to thank them for having waited a year and a half to see them. But he didn't. All he said was "Thanks for giving us a great life." After all the stories about their tax evasion in Ireland, I really thought something more was in order. I'm a massive U2 fan, and this show just didn't live up to my expectations.

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