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"Whenever I start working on a song, I immediately try to forget everything." — Edge

by Tony

This was my 20-somethingth show over the past 19 years, lost count along the way, 3rd 360 show and all in the GA on Adam's side.

Great show, not terrific (don't think anything will ever compete with the post-9/11 Elevation shows), long setlist covering 31 years and Out of Control was a nice bonus at the end. Could tell from the floor that the sound was overly loud which I think in a triple-decker bowl stadium like New Meadowlands it has the echo/bouncing around effect. In any case, would have hoped for another opening song than EBTTRT, think it's time to drop Pride and SBS but can understand why those are always included in stadium shows. Was hoping to hear Bad, 40, or even NLOTH, but was excited to hear Zooropa live for the first time.

Thought my friend and I were the only ones who noticed Bono almost passing out just after Vertigo, keeled over the speaker in front of Larry, someone had to come up from beneath the stage to hold him up, then for the next few songs really took it easy, as someone had already mentioned here, was lying down during much of the 2-3 songs right after. You could tell the heat was getting to him, especially since he burst out from the start going full blast, then was quite calm and subdued during the middle before finishing with a flourish.

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