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"I want U2 to be a band that takes risks. I hate this idea of U2 as a nice safe band. ... The rock rebel thing is very phony." — Edge


by Phil Wright

This concert was absolutely brilliant! It's an old cliche, but true. I think it was the closest I've ever been to the band. Right down on the standing area. The atmosphere before the band came on was just something else! I've never known anything like it before or since. Mexican waves around the arena!! Bono and the boys must have known it was gonna' be something special on this night. And it was. U2 were playing of course! The rest is history. They played a blinding set to a hysterical crowd from start to finish. They talk about Oasis, and Coldplay, and Franz Ferdinand being great live bands. They may be great live bands to their fans - but there's great, and then there's U2. I rest my case.

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