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"Edge made me listen to [our old material] for The Best Of, and I was bracing myself, cause I think I sound like a very opinionated girl. Just screaming my head off. But then I actually listened to it and I thought, 'My God, there's pure joy here.'" — Bono

by Whssy

Phew, this show was so many years ago. I cant remember details but it was the first time I saw U2 indoors.

Id already seen U2 3 times on the Joshua Tree tour but this show was really special. The band were as if tense, dangerous and in stark contrast to the more party atmosphere of the outdoor shows. And I was on the front row for this.

The inclusion of Spanish Eyes and Silver and Gold (before the latter had even been released in the full band version) was the most memorable part of the show. But seeing the manic expression on Bonos face (close up) during the searchlight routine during "bullet" was scary. The whole show blew me away. As a pure band performance this was the best I ever saw them. The Zoo TV show was only better because of the apparatus around it.

This show was the band at its best and it is the concert I am most proud of having seen in my whole life. And I have seen a LOT of gigs. This was the show that made m expectations of U2 so high that when Rattle and Hum came along and let me down, it took me 3 years (yes 3 years) to get back into the band.

Ill post some photos of this when I get round to it.


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