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"We love this idea, especially in rock 'n' roll, of good guys and bad guys. We're the good guys; they that wear the suits are the bad guys. But in fact they're just the busy guys." — Bono

by Eric

"I love music"...Those 3 words summarize the performance Monday night; they were also the words that were printed across Adam's t-shirt. For those of you seated too far to understand, I MADE IT INTO THE HEART!! I have seen U2 4 other times (Joshua Tree, ZOO TV, PoPmArT, and Saturday night--but up at the top) and this BLEW the other shows out of the water! It is wonderful to see U2 placed back at the top of the pile and again deserving the title as the kings of Rock!! It was amazing to see the eyes of the performers and hear their off-microphone comments. I am telling all fans worldwide who read this--do yourself a favor, GET TO THE SHOW EARLY! We arrived at 4:30 and lined up to make it in to the coveted "Heart of Hearts" as described by Bono during the show. It was well worth the wait AND the price of the ticket (which Bono thanked us all for during the show--"Spending our hard earned cash to see a rock and roll show")) After seeing U2 from faaaaar away in stadium shows, it was a blast to be IN the show! To see the Edge and Bono interact was something I will never forget, and will find it hard to ever see U2 again at anything less than the quality of seats we had.

The Coors were truly amazing to see live...I rused to buy their CD the very next day. Elevation was truly a great opener. Favorite moments:

1. Elevation!
2. New Year's Day
3. New York--wait till u see the larger than life performance of this song!
4. ONE
5. BAD
7. I stood next to Paul McGuinness for a good portion of the encores.
8. Let the new version of "Fly" grow on you...it is a much better version!
9. Seeing Lenny Kravitz in attendence
10. I have a new appreciation for "In a Little While" after realizing how much the song means to him and his wife.


1. Not bringing a camera
2. NO 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Took out "Gone", "Ground beneath her Feet", and "I Will Follow"(?!?!?!?!) and only replaced with short version of "Angel of Harlem".
4. Show was about 10-15 mins shorter
5. Police after show prevented us from waiting for autographs--they turned on sirens and threatened to arrest people for tresspassing--a mild crowd of 30-40 people sitting quietly!--no drugs, no drinking, no rowdiness, just good fans who truly appreciated a GREAT show.
6. Anti-gun message was a little TOO preachy
7. Didn't change the setlist much between the 2 nights.
8. Songs that NEED to be played in future shows: Pride, STAY, October, Kite, Heartland, Desire, Whose gonna ride your wild horses, Your Blue Room.

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