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My bottom line on any sexuality is that love is the most important thing. . . . Any way people want to love each other is OK by me. -- Bono

by deb

Having been a fan for almost 20 years this was my first time attending an "opening night" performance by any band, much less my favorite. The anticipation was emense.

I was sitting behind the stage. The best advantage from that point was that we were able to see them come up the stairs and non-chalantly walk onto the stage with the lights still on. I would have almost missed their entrance if I wasnt paying utmost attention.

From behind the stage the music was outstanding. Our only disadvantage was we were not able to see most of the show ! The overhead screens were seldomly used. I think for us behind the stage we lost a lot of the performance. I didnt find out until after the show that lights & images were on the screens behind the band. I think it would have been better if the overhead screens showed that part of the performance. Spending $85+ on a ticket & not even being able to see the show is a bit absurd. The music was great. On occasion Bono acknowledged the back of the stage & we were treated by seeing him sing to us. Adam on the other hand mostly played facing the back of the arena. I am thankful for that ! !

What was up with the screens that came down ? From the back of the stage we couldnt see a darn thing ! They have to go ! ! I think that if they are going to sell that many tickets behind the stage, they really need to think about the people there and what they will seeing as well.

All in all no matter where I was sitting, I wouldnt have missed this event.

Thanks U2 for a night to remember !


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