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"When you sing, you have to open yourself up, you have to be raw. And you have to reveal yourself, and sometimes it's very difficult for me to listen to that back, because it might not be as macho as you see yourself." — Bono

U2 focus on music in new tour

- March 26, 2001

by Ananova staff

U2 have opened their Elevation tour before about 20,000 fans in Florida to support their latest album, All That You Can't Leave Behind.

The Irish rock veterans have gone on the road with a show that focuses on the group's two decades of music instead of the big themes and theatrics of past tours.

Well-rehearsed from playing a string of small venues since the autumn, the band skated through a two-hour, 22-song set, sounding in mid-tour form on most songs.

"Thanks for following us around over the years and giving us a great life," Bono told the crowd. "How was the first night for you?"

The band started the night by walking unannounced on to their heart-shaped stage with the house lights on. They waved to the crowd before taking their instruments and bursting into the songs Elevation, and the triple-Grammy Award-winning single Beautiful Day.

Midway through the fourth song of the night, Until the End of the World, Bono, wearing a black leather jacket and black trousers, stepped backward and fell off a walkway at least 5ft high, landing on his back.

The singer, who has a history of injuries from falls, climbed back up after a few moments and resumed singing, apparently unharmed.

At the end of the first act, he leaped deliberately into the crowd and walked, still singing, out of the arena.

The concert began U2's first arena tour after a decade of stadium shows, and a departure from the tone and scope of past tours.

Gone Saturday were the 40ft mirrored lemons, belly dancers, calls to the White House, and frequent costume changes the band included in concerts during the 1990s.

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