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"I don't think audiences can be expected to go to football stadiums for concerts if they are not going to see something that is very spectacular as well as hearing something great." — Paul McGuiness

by Jorge Chaves

Achtung Fellow U2 Fans!

I have to say that this was an amazing experience, considering the fact that I didn't even have tickets for this show until about 5:15pm on Saturday. I arrived in Fort Lauderdale at 10:30am from a flight from Toronto (Canada), I already had tickets for the second show but for some reason SOMETHING told me to go and try to get tickets for the first show. After talking to my girlfriend and she giving me the go ahead to go fulfill a dream, I went on my way to the National Car Rental Center. I stopped off at the Hard Rock cafe and met some fellow Wirelings (From the U2 fan mailing list WIRE), and some other mailing lists as well. A great amazing fan named Josh that was from Oregon sold me a GA ticket for face value. As far as I knew it I was IN!!! I was gonna go see the band I LOVE for many many years! As soon as I got the ticket I went and stood in line to try and get into the heart, but at that time the line was pretty big and I thought I wasn't going to get in the heart. Once I got in to the floor I immediatelly went and stood around the outside edge of the heart to the right side, but I noticed that security were letting people into the center, so I went and to my amazement I made into the heart!! I thought to myself "Well you got here, but you gonna get found out that you're not supposed to be here!", but that never happened. The security people were EXTREMELY nice to me and I met some other U2 fans from all over the place. There were people from NYC, Boston, Tenasee, Guatemala, etc. It was amazing! The Corrs come out at about 7:35PM or so and gave alot of us a peep show during their set. At 8:30PM the Corrs exit and the house speakers start pumping Radiohead, Bob Marley and some other music. Then at 9PM, the boys come on the stage with the full house lights still on, the crowd went ecstatic!! It was amazing, just seeing them go on and rip into Elevation, Beatiful Day and Until the End of The World, which during that Bono got sprayed with beer during th e verse "spilling over the brim", he promptly shook the beer of his face and into the crowd with a quick motion. Then Edge came down the catwalk and Bono started to sing while Edge played on, then starts walking backwards and seems to miscalculated the catwalk and fell off the stage (I was RIGHT there, about 3 feet separating me from the catwalk by that fence) I was scared at first but when he went back up and laid down on the catwalk I realized he was ok, but for a moment I got scared. All I could think of was the headlines in the paper the next morning (Bono falls off stage at world tour opener). But the show went on and it was amazing. I loved the light show, and it doesn't get any better than being in the heart with 299 of the biggest U2 fans in the world. There was so much room to dance, jump, and cheer that I wanna trade my golden circle tix that I have to GA again!! One more thing, I adored the new version of "The Fly", it was so cool to see a new version of that amazing song that it blew me away!


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