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[M]y darling wife said that the only way she would get involved in this project is if I didn't have anything to do with the fashion." -- Bono, on Ali's Edun line of clothes

by Marcus O''Shea

Believe it or not, if this listing refers to the talent show Feedback played at Mount Temple in late 1976, then I was there. I was 11 years old, a few years younger than the members of the soon-to-be band The Hype and later, U2. I never knew the gents, but have select vivid image memories of that performance.

For one thing, I DO indeed remember them covering Peter Frampton's Show Me The Way, and rather terribly. However, I must say that The Edge was a genius even then, with his bright, anthemic, echo-ing, and shimering guitar sound.

The venue was our cafeteria and a shoddy one at that. I also recall most of the students latching on to Bono after the show and asking him a bunch of questions.

I remained a U2 fan all the way until today, actually being lucky enough to see them a few times in Seattle on the Vertigo Tour. I left Dublin in 1985 and currently teach Linguistic courses at the University of Washington.

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