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'Dad, you should listen to the radio more. You know, like, I'm not sure this is really, you know, gonna go over.' -- Edge, repeating his daughter's response to How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

by Kurt R.

Night two in Montreal was awesome, because they mixed up the set list and had a few stage/media objects working that weren't used the first night.
Jimmy T and I being in the 100 section (Not the floor this night for us, which looked more crowded than the night before) you could get a better spectrum of the stageshow. Also the sound was at a better level (Not that the first night sounded bad, they just tweaked a few things.) The girl who ended up on stage must have been in her glory, with Bono standing and crooning over her. Then he did his jog twice around the heart, past the video monitors, where he froze and posed like a "fly on the wall".
Having Bono say how U2 were inspired by The Ramones to start a band was great. Rumor has it Bono wrote a song for Joey Ramone, while Joey was in the hospital. It is said it was the last song Joey would hear before his death.
The two people sitting behind me got no sympathy from me for wanting to "enjoy" the show on their behinds. The Edge switched between his Explorer, Telecaster, Strat, and acoustic guitars to give each song a different feel and vibe. The show was better than the first show, and both combined had a much different set list, so it made those that went to both shows really happy!
Afterwards, we met my LA/Philly bud's for drinks, and lengthy U2 trivia, in which 'LA Woman' Denise won! It was a great wrapup to my 'Montreal Elevation Tour'. Next week, Boston, baby!!

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