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[I]gnore all advice especially from your family, the police, neighbours, the world bank, cheerleaders, traffic wardens, publicans, heart surgeons, dog breeders, pigeon fanciers, advertisers, Terry Keane. Just don't piss off the pizza man -- you're going to depend on him -- Bono 

by Max

I was sixteen years old, a bit late for one's first concert. I was an avid U2 fan, mainly knew them because my two older sisters were obsessed with the Joshua Tree album. So I was familiar with their music and had actually purchased Achtung Baby, one of the first cd's I ever owned, and liked what I heard on that album. My sister lives in Denver and called down to NM to see if we wanted to go to a U2 show. "Sure" I said, not having any idea what I was in for or what direction this was going to take my life in.
I remember walking into Mile High Stadium and being totally shocked at the size of the stadium and even more overwhelming was the immense size of the ZooTv stage. It was huge. U2 came out soon after and totally rocked the stadium. There was not a person who was not standing and singing every word to every song. It has now been 10 years since that concert and it blows my mind how much that night effected the rest of my life. To this day I am totally obsessed with U2. I constantly listen to them in the car or at home and think about there music 24/7. Every time I listen to them it just blows my mind how good they are. It all started that night, at Mile High stadium, probably the one event that effected my life the most, ever.

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