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"We're not very religious people, but we are believers. And we believe in God, but we find it very uncomfortable to see what religion has turned God into." — Edge

by Troy Vincent

Hi! I am the idiot who jumped up on stage at the U2 Concert at the Buffalo Auditorium in 1987. I was an 18 year old idiot who hitchiked from Eastern Canada to see the show, and missed half of it because of my over-enthusiasm. I havent seen or heard anything of this incident other than a review saying that it was a girl..it wasn't im a guy... that rushed on stage. Bono was very upset, and told me not to touch his f'ing shoulder...then I was whisked of backestage by a rather large bearded man. There were a few Asian contest winners a couple of limo's and other that it was pretty empty back there. I would love to find proof of my adventure and was told you might be just the people who can dig this stuff up. Can you help me? Thanks Troy V. PS> Apologies for all of those who had a great show interrupted by myself.

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