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"It would be pathetic to be good at the music and bad at the business." — Paul McGuinness

by KM (aka "the 2 boys" father)

After reading Alin's inspiring review and chain of events, thought I would highlight how our 2 sons got on stage in Pittsburgh.

Being a u2 fan for 20+ years and knowing that we had a chance to be in the ellipse, I did what any experienced fan would do to get the band's attention - we made signs. Fortunately, we got into the ellipse and we made signs for Electric Co, Wild Horses, and 40.

Our most popular with Bono was "Pitt Electric Co." which he acknowledged and pointed out while singing song #5. Our sons were on shoulders of family/friends, holding that sign when Bono may have made a mental note for the future.

Fast forward to Sunday Bloody Sunday...about halfway through the song Bono motioned towards us with a point and a wave and my wife bolted towards the front with one of our sons in her arms. I stayed back about 5 people deep, not wanting to blow through the cool crowd in the ellipse....and not sure whether he was pointing to us or not. A few minutes later, towards the end of the song, Bono pointed again to my son and I, giving the same wave he did during Bad - Live Aid and asked "Where is that little boy?". The rest is somewhat of a blur, but here is what I can remember.

After that cue, I bolted to the stage with son on shoulders and passed him up to the security guard. My other son was already up there and Bono asked "are you two brothers?" - one of our sons said yes (I think) and Bono pointed to the monitor for them to have a seat.

That took us to the "No more" part of SBS when Bono started looking for some help with the words. First our 9 year old belted "No more" when Bono held up the mic to him, followed by our 8 year old who said the same. Bono let them ride for three "no more's", shook their hands and gave them back to the crowd.

Being a fan for so long and as my friend Matt put it, "planning for this moment for 20 years", it's hard to put into words the feeling we all had after that happened. I realize that u2 is "just" a rock band, but as all of you know that have been moved by their music, and have lifetime memories associated with their music, they often transcend being just a rock band. Particularly, when you have the good fortune to see them up close and personal like we did last Saturday and can experience first hand the connection they have with their fans.

Jay, the lucky 14, all the great fans in the ellipse, and of course U2, thanks for helping to make 10-22-05 an unforgettable night.

Like Alin (Party Girl Man), I would be grateful for any pics, video, sound files, etc. that any of you fans have from the Pittsburgh show. Many thanks to those that have already sent pics our way. Our email is kmonahan22@yahoo.com.

Stay safe tonight (EJB 2005)

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