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"He's charming, he's persuasive. And the politicians can go home to their daughters and say: 'I had a meeting with Bono today.'" — Bob Geldof, on Bono

by Paul Blackham

Pittsburgh was a great show, full of spirit and powerful emotion. I made it a point to avoid all U2 websites for 7 months (wasn't easy) so that I would have no idea what they were going to play, and I was pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the songs they selected. Who would have thought that they would play more from "Under A Blood Red Sky" than from "Achtung Baby" and "All That You Can't Leave Behind" combined? I felt that it was even more of a spiritual experience than Elevation in 2001, due to the depth of content in the songs; and God was definitely in the house.

Some little details that I picked up that I haven't seen mentioned yet:
1.) Bono added "See me, feel me, touch me, heal me" from Tommy on ( I think) Electic Co.
2.) Bono added (in spoken words) "And only grace can get them back" after the line "And I threw away the keys" on The First Time (I loved hearing that song).
3.) Bono said that "Miracle Drug" was especially fitting in Pittsburgh; this was an educated and informed comment which I took as evidence that he was, in fact, connecting with a city which is known for it's world-class hospitals and medical research facilities.
4.) They ended the show basically with 3 prayers (All Because of You being a very loud one; Yahweh; and 40, which was awesome).

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