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"We chose the name U2 to be ambiguous, to stay away from categorization." — Bono

by Jeff

The U2 show was awesome. I waited much too long to attend my second show - 13 years (first was March 31, 1992 in my hometown, Chicago). The venue was sold out in Pittsburgh and we were behind the stage, but that was okay, there was a walkway that went all the way around. Plus it gave me a good view of Larry's drumming over his shoulder, esp.
for With or Without You, which I now need to play if I had a drumset. We were 4 rows up so it gave us a close view of everything. Besides the freaks behind us trying to smoke their cigs or pot
or whatever and being told 3x by the usher to put it out, everything was just incredible. (Well, okay $35 for a t-shirt hurt a bit too.)

Everyone had cameras. Here I was trying to obey the rules typed on the tickets NO CAMERAS OR RECORDING DEVICES. The people next to us had a disposable camera and I asked them to email their picts, but apparently they still live in the stone age and didn't have one. I called some friends during the show, hope you could hear something on your end. I could not hear if I was getting you or your voice mail, so when I saw that I was connected, I held the phone up for you to hear. I left a few tunes on my own voice mail which turned out like crap, always does. Ah well. The memories are burned into the head.

Oh, and if you go to Pittsburgh, don't stay at the Extended Stay America - Carnegie, even if the price is right. Nice drive across Ohio from Cincinnati this time of year on the backroads too.

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