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"Rock and roll loves its juvenilia, its caricatures, its cartoons. The protest singer, the pop star, the sex god, your mature messiah types." — Bono inducting Bob Marley into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

by MDT to PIT and back

If there was an autopilot for concerts -- well -- this was concert was on it -- nothing spectacular to note of...{and yes, following Vertigo on U2Tours deleted any surprises on my end}. The only song that got me moving was, Miracle Drug. Streets has lost its majic due to its "African re-development"; Streets still is you know -- indescribable, but I was far removed tonite.

The personal touch of Bono still ranks him probably second to the late John Paul II as being able to "move the masses", still. Bono connects concretely to every person (who is paying attention) -- and I'd enjoyed his Bono-isms. I glanced into his eyes to measure his committment to this particular gig and Pittsburgh and it was full of desire and passion -- hopefully so given the time I took from family to be here tonite.

Edge -- Bono's little story about the Edge was a final and true tribute to who David Evans is, now and will be forever, amen.

It is fitting that Larry leaves at the end of the show, since the cat is the founder of U2, and is the stern Captain that steers the ship on course. Thanks Larry, for forming U2 and keeping its ego in check.

Overall, the concert was on par -- to well versed U2 concert-goers. For the average passer-by -- no other way to spend a Saturday night.

by the way, fellow U2 fans -- your full of bull, texting One.org and getting into Streets, when you won't even let me out of my parking spot at the end of the gig -- where you in a rush to do something afterwards?

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