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To see like a songwriter is the easiest. . . . Hearing like a writer is a lot harder; you've got to really listen. -- Bono

by Glibstein

Just got back from a Pittsburgh roadtrip. For this show, myself and college roomate brought our sons to experience the wonder of a U2 show. Both of us have a history with U2 that goes back to 1982, St Patricks Day, NYC, The Ritz. If my father could have brought me to see the Beatles he would have. I feel the same way when it comes to seeing U2.

Had seen U2 in London this past June. As funny as this might sound, the Pittsburgh show blew away the London show. In general the band seemed more relaxed and way more into the show. By now those of us that read the setlists nightly are very prepared for the main set. For the encore at this show it was great to hear both Party Girl and 40 as part of the same show. (Felt like it might have been a classic "Boston" show for a moment)

It truly is amazing to see a band in the prime of their career twenty something years later. Thank you U2 for all the music. See you in Boston in December.

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