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"It's in U2's great rhythm section that the band finds its sexuality and its dangerousness." — Bruce Springsteen, at U2's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

by Kumar Ramanathan

I don't know where to begin, but I will this was the best U2 show I have ever seen. I got scanned into the coveted ellipse and I could feel the Edge breathe on me. I am one of those fans who cringe when With or Without You is played, but I was singing along and having a grand old time to the extended version of this song. Every song was excellent, but the Electric Co. rocked the house tonight. The Edge went around the entire ellipse and just played a beast of a solo on the track. The guy who played Party Girl with the band did such an awesome job. You see Bono and Edge instructing the lad on how to play the song. I think his name was Jonathan. U2 even allowed him to play the guitar solo to Party Girl.

There have been reports that U2 loses momentum when The First Time and Stuck are played. I don't believe that's true. They come off as intimate selections as the band uses these songs to connect with the audience even. Zoo Station and the Fly are great songs, but I believe First Time and Stuck connect on a deeper level to the audience.

Does it matter where you sit? Yes, it does. I was outside of the ellipse for Denver and I was in the ellipse for this one. Moving two feet closer makes a huge difference.


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