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"The way you write music is at once humdrum — there's a fridge in the corner with apples and a bottle of milk, and there's a fax machine — and at the same time you're waiting for a miracle, or else it's just the sum of the parts." — Bono

by msc18018

Wow! Very awesome, GA Floor 3 rows of people back at the center edge of the ellipse. Lots of cool people, a few jackasses though (the guy who had huge arms that we nicknamed the Albatross, whose wife or gf kept bouncing around like she needed some valium during Miss Sarajevo of all songs!)The kids singing on Sunday Bloody Sunday were cool. The guy playing Party Girl rocked, and deserved that $100 bottle of champagne he got! Not to mention the lucky guy who got Bono and Edge's autographs on a mag from the front row by the ellipse. Amazing. Bono droned on before Miracle Drug, which I hate, and he kept talking about Edge being from the future. We thought Mr. Marley and Mr. Hewson must have partaken of a certain miracle drug, cos he rambled on :)It was a great vibe throughout the show.

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