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"I'm not sure . . . what the thrill is of watching Bono. I think it must be something along the lines of . . . those guys who jump off tall buildings in New York with a few plastic bags as parachutes." — Bono

by warno

Wow, longtime fan but this was my first live show. Incredible energy to start off, I absolutely love City of Blinding Lights as an opener. Bono just appeared out of nowhere on the ellipse about 25 feet from me. I think it must have been was magic but my wife, the skeptic, disagrees.

I loved how the energy flowed through the first four songs, with Edge's guitar on Electric Co. one of the highlights of the whole show. I thought that the middle of the show bogged down a bit, a bit too much preaching and maybe, as some have suggested, some of the Joshua Tree cuts a bit stale. The Happy Birthday really cut the mood and seemed pretty self-indulgent on Bono's part.

But who am I to complain? By the encore I was about 15 feet from the top of the ellipse with unimpeded view of the smooth interaction of Edge and Bono on Wild Horses, one of my all time favs. Loved the Bad closing although I would have liked to hear Yahweh/40. Wonderful, wonderful show, these guys do it better than anybody else.

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