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Why can't rock-and-roll dance like Elvis Presley, sing like Van Morrison, walk like the Supremes, talk like John Lennon, roar like the Clash, drum like Keith Moon and play guitar like Jimi Hendrix? -- Bono

by Bonoz

When a child is born, he is free of any sins, any impurities, any problems; he is as blissful as ignorance. Well, that is exactly how I felt tonight. Superb, magnificent, staggering, miraculous, glorious, SPECTACULAR, shimmering heaven, sonic dream, the Best concert ever, whatever you want to call it, you will never be able to come with a complete explanation as to what I witnessed this monumental evening.

Everything was great this evening; the band was great, the crowd was upbeat, and the performance was really up to it. And the stage lighting, hehe, well that was one of the best parts of it. When the entire ellipse lit up it with blue, red, orange, green, lights the whole arena was mesmerized, and the bulb-screens in the background were a supreme scientific phenomenon. They rendered various types of images and visualizations; such as the walking man during 'Sometimes you can't make it on your own,' and all the "CoeXisT" stuff during "Yahweh." The visuals really were beautifully architectured and designed to send awe through the audience.

Then there was the song playing; it was absolutely sublime. I don't think I need to explain in great detail how well U2 sounded, because when we think of U2 live, we think of the best rock band in the world playing the best music in the world to the best audience in the world. And the audience even feels like it's the best.

The crowd really was amazing. Everyone was singing along nicely, and enjoying each and every moment of the show. The DC crowd is always amazing, even in the past concerts. All the past U2 concerts here have been fantastic and remembered for their extravagant statuesque.

I have to admit that I wasn't into U2 these days. By that I mean, that when I have listened to U2 for a very long time, the song become predictable and don't render as much excitement. So I took a break and I was still on that break. Unfortunately, these days I couldn't get back that feeling I got when i thought of U2. That cold, blue neon atmospheric shimmering feeling you get when you are surrounded by huge skyscrapers on a icy cold freezing night either in New York, DC, or London. There are many other feelings I used to feel when I listened to U2 and watched them play. But even halfway through the show, I couldn't feel that way. But then they played "Miss Sarajevo" and all the 1990's U2 came back to me, all the electronic fusion of Zoo TV and flamboyant funktronic of Pop came rushing back to me, and I felt complete.

They played "Where the streets have no name," "With or without you," and the bluesy rendition of "Bullet the blue sky." Those songs brought back the late 80's, and "Pride" brought back the early 80's. But what really emphasized the element of nostalgia was when they played "40." Even though I wasn't old enough to witness their earlier concerts, I have seen the videos and felt like a part of it, and when they ended with "40", when Adam Clayton played the Electric guitar and The Edge played the bass guitar, and in the end of the song Larry Mullen restarted playing the drums as sort of a reprise, and then left the stage like the other 3.

The same happened tonight, and it was the perfect ending, to a perfect show, with a perfect crowd, on a perfect night, in a perfect city, and with a perfect band performing on the ellipse.

I have GA tickets for tomorrow's show too. I'm pretty tired right now but the show was well worth it. And I am willing to stand in the queue for 10 hours just to watch this concert all over again. The show was amazing, and I definitely would want to do it all over again. I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did. I hope we all learned something from it. I hope we get to see more of U2. It was beautiful, it was simply sublime.

Thank you for reading my review; it is an honour to share my love for U2 with all you readers. I love U2 more than many things in my life. U2 is my life, I've been a fan since I was 9 or 10, and since then U2 has been there in every aspect of my life. From the way I walk to the way I make other people feel about themselves, from the way I talk to the way I enter into an automobile, it is all U2. It's all U2. It always was U2. It always is U2. And will always be U2.

Take care of one another!



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