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When musicians open their mouths to do anything but sing, I put my wallet in my boot. -- Bono

by Alli (Lucky girl on stage)

Madison Square Garden, Oct 14th, 2005 - U2's 5th show in NYC this leg of the tour, and I got
onstage to dance with Bono :))))). I'm still in a
state of shock and disbelief, utterly exhausted from this whirlwind trip, but more importantly, VERY GRATEFUL for what has happened again.

I was literally in NYC for a little over 24 hours, and thanks to Jet Blue, I got a free trip out of it. Because of technical malfunctions on my first trip to NYC with my husband Lance (oct 7-11), I was able to fly RT anywhere in the US. And with a little coaxing from my partner in crime Barbara, I booked a flight back to NYC a couple of days later just to see U2's 5th night at MSG.

So the story goes like this....I think....i'm trying to recollect all my thoughts...and they are a bit fuzzy but here goes (sorry it's a tad bit long)....

We land GA tickets at the last minute, and my ticket gets beeped for the ellipse. Barbara and I are front row a little bit over to Bono's right. Our other friends get front row in front of Adam! We are soooo excited....5th night at MSG and front row in the ellipse! We dance like crazy girls. Fast forward to the encore. The First Time and SIAMYCGOO are played at the tip of the ellipse. After that, we hear the music of Fast Cars and Bono and Edge are coming back to the main stage. Fast Cars - woohoo - great song to dance to - and we go crazy.

Bono puts on his cowboy hat, flamenco dances with
Edge, and about half way through the song, he comes over to me, looks at me, points at me...and I'm thinking, NO WAY. I want to make sure it's me, so i gesture to myself, and he shakes his head yes. I lift myself up over the rail; no security is there. I wait a second because i can't do this by myself. Then Murphy realizes that I'm about to go up, so he helps me on to the stage. All I want to do is look into Bono's eyes because he makes you feel so comfortable...and, not to mention, he has beautiful eyes too;). Although I'm no dancer by any means, I just try to dance. We dance around each other, I dance for him. And then, somehow, he ends up lying down. Whoa...I'm thinking Alli, please don't make a fool of yourself. Because a lot could go wrong. So he lies down, he takes his cowboy hat off and puts it on his chest, and then puts his hands behind his neck as if he'd taking a rest in the park or something and gives me the hugest grin. Alrighty...I give him this look
like what do you want me to do????? Do you want me to dance around you, take your cowboy hat and dance in front of Adam, lie down next to you, the list could go on but I'm not going there. So I pick the best behaved choice and dance around him. Then I'm thinking, B - please get up now because I really would like to lie down on this stage with you. So I give him my hand, he grabs it, gets up and we dance around each other some more. Then he puts one hand out to his side as if he wants to slow dance. I oblige. Song is over. He kisses
my hand and I give a kiss on his cheek. Then a hug...a really long hug...and that's when WOWY starts. I really thought that after the kiss on the cheek I was heading back into the audience. I couldn't believe he would keep me up there for another song. Oh man, it was intense. My body was
shaking. I hold on tight, singing the words with him. Then he lets go of our embrace, and he looks at me, and i just stare at him mouthing the words. Bits of my hair were in my eyes, and he brushes them out of the way. Then he pulls me closer into him, and he keeps staring at me, and I want to look away because it's a little nervewracking having B look at you like that. But I don't turn away. Then he is on his knees, wraps his hands around my waist and he rests his head on my
stomach. And I stand there in complete awe of this man who inspires me with his music, his compassion, and his activism. Then he stands up, kisses my hand, i *think* he says something to the fact "You're beautiful", and I walk down the stairs and back i go into the ellipse. As I'm stradling the railing, he asks me my name, and I say Alli but he can't hear. He asks again, and I say Alli a bit louder. I'm not sure if he heard? As i get back to my spot he waves goodbye to me. I about hyperventilate and Barbara is there to give me the biggest hug. It really was an unbelievable experience that I will never forget. And I'm so happy I got to share it with my fellow U2 fans.

I just want to say, I feel blessed and priviledged to have this opportunity again. I never in a million years would've thought this could happen to me.

Thanks to all those who have sent and posted pics so far. If anyone has other pics or videos of
this, please please email them to me at

Dreaming out loud,

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