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Larry is really the Pete Best of U2. We should have thrown him out the first month. He was much too good-looking then and still is. We never found our Ringo. -- Edge

by poison

For this show my friend and I had a GA tickets, didn't make it in the ellipse but got the second row somewhere on the top of the ellipse. Back at home my friend and I thought that it would be good to bring some Croatian mark at concert so we could be recognizable. So we bought Croatian football scarves and put them on for the concert. While we were waiting, people around us recognized it and start to chat with us, I felt proud 'cause they know about our country and like us Croatians. They were really nice people.

The magic started at about 9:30 p.m., and it lasted for the whole 24 songs. The set list had a little change (I've been to 11 Oct show too) - instead of Out of control they throw in Electric Co, and a song I wanted to hear for such a long time - Gloria. I was thrilled, I liked that song since I was a kid, and I think that they play those old songs with the same energy and passion of 20 year olds, but technically much better. Bono and Edge came on the top of the ellipse to play Stuck in a moment, Bono was turned towards us, so we lift up our scarf, Bono noticed it, and he was looking at us for a while. That was our Bono moment, and it was fantastic. Fast cars - a pleasant surprise for me on this leg, although I've liked this song from the start, the way they were playing it live just blew me away, this song has its place in the set list, it's powerful, it's sexy and it's wild. Finally I heard Party girl, Bono forgot the lyrics - one guy helped him that was nice spontaneous moment. They closed the show with second Vertigo like they did in Europe, and that was the best version of Vertigo - amazing punk rock sound, Edge went crazy, I thought he was going to break that guitar. After they left the stage crackling feedback filled Madison, a real punk rock moment to remember. The best show I've ever seen, great sound, much better then in stadiums in Europe, wonderful audience, audience that sang along with Bono, Bono spraying champagne, o - and the Streets - that red lights and that people singing along the whole time, definitely a show which I'll remember for the rest of my life. And finally I fell in love with America, after this amazing week in NY, after 2 shows in MSG I can only say that America is a great country, and I certainly understand why my favorite guys are so fascinated with America.

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