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You don't think of Elvis as political, but that is politics: changing the way people see the world.-- Bono, tribute to Elvis Presley, 2004

by KP

Just got back to Green Bay from NYC. What a great show, & city this was my 11th overall u2 show and my fifth of this tour and this one was the best I've seen on this tour by far, and one of the best I've seen ever. My first time seeing them in NYC and I had the best seats I've ever had at a show, we ended up about five rows from the stage on Edges side. The people around us were great all very freindly and most seemed to really into the show. One lady next to us from the UK had to put her hand on my wifes belly during Yahweh, which was pretty cool. (my wife is pregnant with twins, & this was the twins 3rd show, 3 shows before your born isn't bad,lol) Kinda freaked my wife out a bit untill I remided her of the words of the song, then she thought it was cool as well. Same lady held my wifes hand all throughout one. We brought my wifes cousin who lives in NYC, for his first U2 show and he said it was the best concert he'd ever seen. Great to hear Gloria, really kept the crowd going after electric co, a much beter one two punch than the ocean. The first time is great live, as well as fast cars. The last Vertigo was awesome, I saw Bono mouth "vertigo" to Edges guitar tech then hold up the peace sign which must also mean v for vertigo and then they lauched into it, very cool. This was the last of my vertigo shows, I think, lol and the last was by far the best and I hope to see them at the Garden again. Didn't think anything could be better than a Chicago show, guess I was wrong. Will try and post some pics too.

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