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"U2 is not a punk band, but there's this kind of violence present in our music." — Bono

by griff

The most energetic performance that I have ever seen from the band. This was my fifth show of the tour and thid in NYC this week, but this was the best. The crowd noise by the end of the show was overwhelming.

The acoustic encore with First Time and Stuck in a Moment was beautiful. And the fan Alli's dancing on Fast Cars was great. Bono laid down onm the stage and put his cowboy hat on his stomach as she danced all around him. Then he kep her on stage for With or Without You and that was INTENSE! He held her tightly, looked in her eyes, stroking here hair. Wow.

Them playing Vertigo 2x should have annoyed me, considering every other song they could have played, but Bono had so much passion going during the final version of Vertigo that I swear he was summoning the 20-year old Bonovox. He was about to jump out of his skin. Just crazy. They left the stage with Edge dropping his guitar and crackling feedback searing the Garden for a few full minutes. Bono jumped up and threw his arms around Edge as they walked off.


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