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I'm a guy with no mid-range. I'm all bottom and all top, emotionally. -- Bono

by DanP

Its been such a great week at MSG. I was at 4 shows (Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and tonight) and each was special in its own way. You can read my review of each. I cannot be objective about Tuesdays show, because I was in the front row of the center of the outside of the ellipse, and I cannot objectively review a show in which I still feel like I was part of. Im still spinning from that experience So, that being said, I think tonights show was probably the best of the week. The show revolves around Bono, and Bono was in top form tonight. I think his voice was about as good as it is going to get during a grueling tour, and his energy level was 110%. While his speeches tend to stick to repeating themes each night, the speeches seemed more authentic and heartfelt tonight. Also, Bono and Edge spent extra time on the ellipse tonight. The show was about 5 10 minutes longer, so I guess we got an extra song or 2. The song selection tonight was amazing: Gloria! Electric Co! Party Girl!!! What more could we ask for? The long time fans in the crowd, including me, were going nutseven if Bono doesnt know the words to Party Girl. I think the version of The Electric Co is the best that Ive ever heard. Bono brought a lovely woman on stage to dance during Fast Cars and she was such a great dancer that he invited her to stay for With or Without You. Keane was again fantastic tonight, which turns out to be the final night of their 2+ year tour. Im still waiting for their CD to show up from Amazon. Anybody who missed Keane will one day regret that mistake. A few random thoughts about the shows: The seats on the side and rear of the stage are a great value at approx $54 each. Bono needs to go on a diet before he truly resembles an opera singer. 45 minutes between the opening band and U2 is too much. Every night, it seems that nothing is happening during the last 10 minutes of the transition except the crew watching their watch tick (until U2s 9:30 PM start time). The sound quality is unbelievably great, but ridiculously loud (wear ear plugs). Thank you to U2 and Keane for such a great week.

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