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"[W]e called it Achtung Baby and dressed up like pop stars to get people away from that because there was just so much melancholy in it. With U2, the packaging is often disinformation." — Bono

by Dennis Law

I 40 years old and have been a U2 fan from the early 1980's. I have seen U2 across the globe during that time at least 20 times and I want to make that clear before I post this review. I live in N.Ireland and as U2 where playing in New York, I used this as an excuse to take in a break in the US with my family at the same time.I had tickets to the shows on the 10th and 11th October. I attended this show on the 10th by myself and all the family attended the show on the 11th. I cant believe I am about to say this but I have never been as disappointed with Bono as this show. He left out a verse of Pride and announced 40 instead of Bad, just two small instances of how going through the motions this show was. There was no energy no passion all the things I have become accustomed with attending a U2 concert over the years.The price people pay for concert tickets nowadays is extortion and quite frankly if U2 cant deliver consistently any longer for what ever reason, then it is wrong to perform for instance at this venue for 5 nights during one week. I thought this was just me until I read a few other reviews from people, who I am sure have not witnessed U2 live in their prime - Joshua tree. I spent a lot of money to see the band on this tour and travelling to New York also, but I have done this on every tour. Lets face it and it hurts U2 are not getting any younger and yet their latest album is one of their best, but I never expected such a let down from this live show. It really did seem as if they where not interested and they really do need to mix the setlist up big time. To end on a bright note my family and I attended the next night and it was the old U2 energy, passion, an electric performance. So what happened the first night. My concern is that, is this the beginning of the end because if they are not motivated any longer live then please dont ruin your reputation as the best live band ever in my opinion. The band seem to always have this committment to America, 2 legs of this tour are in the US. Yet again Belfast was left out of this tour. I was extremely shocked and disappointed and I am writing this as I still cant believe it happened and I am just being honest and I hope U2 can with themselves.

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