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"He's the type of person who'll hit you in the ass and get you going. It doesn't make you a lot of friends, but it's a great ability to have." — Adam, on Bono

by Joann

It took me a while to post a review because I really wanted to give some thought to what exactly is going on at these shows. In my opinion it would seem that the sound is completely different in different parts of the garden. I thought the band rocked on Friday night from the 400 level almost even with the stage. When the confetti let loose at the beginning of City of Blinding Lights tears streamed down from my face. The effect was overwhelming and I felt like 20 yrs disappeared in a moment. The sound was ok but not great but at that point nothing mattered...U2 was on the stage. On Saturday from Section 109 the sound was quite muffled at times and the fans in certain sections seemed to be half asleep except of course for the GA section. The magic was gone from the confetti and it barely could be noticed from the side. The camera man annoyed me by making a fan keep his arms down most of the night so he wouldn't be in the way of the filming. Last night from section 310 the sound was simply amazing. Larry kicked it and you could feel it in your heart. The Edge was absolutely on the money. He was having a great time and played right to the audience. Adam sounded great and you could tell they were playing the crowd. As for Bono, I personally don't care if he sings off key, or changes the words, or coughs during a song. For him to come back and play 40 as a follow up to BAD just reinforced my belief that he loves his fans. No one is ever going to agree about the song choices. I brought a friend along who only knew songs up until Rattle and Hum. For her it was a perfect night. She got to hear the songs she loved the most. As for me...I hope to hear them all because I have tickets for every show. My review concludes with my opinion that so far last night was the night to beat just because the sound was incredible from my seat.

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