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"The songs can hurt, and the songs can uplift. But they don't have to be reverent." — Bono

by Jason

Well, this was my first U2 concert since I was in high school and saw them in Atlanta on the first leg of the ZOO TV tour. Boy things have changed. I had seats behind the stage (as I did in Atlanta 13 years before) and it was still a great show with an amazing view.

I think for the most part the concert was just what I expected. U2 has become an anthem band with an arsenal of greatest hits/sing alongs. This is not a negative thing, it's just they're a different animal now. The Egde and Adam had tons of energy, but Bono did seem sluggish. His voice was alright, but at times a little off and his crowd interaction was good, but could have been better.

I flipped when I heard the opening riff of
'Zoo Station' and then 'The Fly'. As noted in another review, those two songs never get an energized reaction from the audience. It's too bad. I happen to love their 90's phase as rock stars and trying to strech the boundaries of what was "U2", including mixing their earnest politics with an almost nihilist attitude. The ironic rockstar.

All in all no one puts on a rock show the way they do. Even last night's sub-par performance would blow away a majority of what's out there. And that's why we love them for better or worse.

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