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"I am still amazed at how big, how enormous a love and mystery God is — and how small are the minds that attempt to corral this life force into rules and taboos, cults and sects." — Bono, foreword to They've Hi-Jacked God

by Dan F.

U2 is my favorite band in the world and tonight was my first u2 concert so maybe b/c of that tonights show was unbeleivable. Yes Bono's voice was hurting at times but he pulled thorugh like the showman he is, and yes the band was flawless tonight. I think when bono had to stop singing for a moment during pride just added humanism to there godlike stature i almost liked it. I could have sworn they were done after yahway then bono comes back out and after his dedication to patti smith he says, "ok heres 40..... oh i mean Bad" i could have never imagined they would have pulled that out of the bag and then they really put on the best live version of bad ive ever heard having heard pretty much all of them. awesome ending but overall amazing experience for me. There really isnt anything like a u2 show!!!!

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