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When I first met Anton [Corbijn] I had one request . . . make me look tall, skinny, intelligent with a sense of humour. 'So you wanna look like me,' was his reply. -- Bono

by Ally

another great U2 show at the Garden! the band was electric all night- bono was 'hitting' the front of the GA crowd with a towel during 'electric co', he was so pumped up. UTEOTW was fantastic- that song is definitely a standout of their 8-show run here in NY. the little girl pulled onstage for 'mysterious ways' was adorable- i think that bono's interaciton with her was very fitting given her age. she was in heaven after the show, with her parents and little brother. loved the 'rock the casbah' snippet during 'sunday bloody sunday'!

i agree that the ending was abrupt. they were playing 'instant karma' with patti smith onstage, and it sounded great. then all of a sudden, bono grabs patti and they leave the stage. the rest of the band follows. we thought it was over, but then they all reappeared, did one more verse of 'instant karma', and then ended it for good.

i saw the setlist, and they cut "yahweh" and "40". i wonder why they had to get out of there so quickly??

there were a ton of celebs in the ellipse tonight (i was second row in front of adam). Michael Stipe was right behind us during patti smith's set, as was Ali Hewson. Charlie Rose was in the ellipse, chilling over by the entrance (he was not rocking out, sadly). Jimmy Fallon and Helena Christensen were also inside the bomb shelter. Damien Fahey, an MTV VJ, was about 4th row in front of Bono- he was going nuts during the show. never really thought much about him, but i have a newfound respect. ;-)

oh, a funny moment came during Patti Smith's set, when she sang "because the night" to a small plush Gumby doll! very surreal...

it was a fun night- what a gift U2 gave us this year at MSG! definitely gonna miss U2 here in the city of blinding lights... 'til next time!

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