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"Our music is primarily uplifting, but at the same time there's a realism to our music as opposed to an escapism." — Bono

by cb

The show was going along great until the strange ending.

Electric Co. and Until the End of the World really stood out tonight. The Edge did an amazing job on both songs. It was nice to hear MLK in honor of the anniversary of JFK's death and the performance of Stuck in a Moment was poignant on the 7th anniversary of Michael Hutchence's passing.

Then Patti Smith joined them for Instant Karma which was a nice treat until Bono led Patti Smith off stage, urging the crowd to keep singing "we all shine on", but the crowd fades out as the rest of the band members also leave the stage. When they come back out it seems as if they're going to start another song but Bono brings Patti Smith back out and they go back into Instant Karma for a short time and then leave again. Everyone was chanting "U2-U2-U2" and then the lights suddenly came on. Very abrubt and disappointing ending to the last show in NYC on the tour.

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