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[M]usic is worship. [W]hether it comes from that ancient place we call soul or simply the spinal cortex. . . . The smoke goes upwards, to God or something you replace God with -- usually yourself. -- Bono

by Imran zootv04

Just a few more notes from the show!

There was a cameraman filming the whole show! not sure if this will be realeased or not
To see the crew take apart the stage before u2 came on was amazing especially with the people in the lighting section above the stage.
Dallas schoo and all the other techs checked out all the instruments before the show even walking around the stage.
Bono announced it was Dallas Schoo's birthday!
Bono apparently did try to sing in a little while but everyone was so load and singing i still havent found.... that he looked at the edge, smiled and remarked "sometimes you just have to take in the moment"

Oh and thank you to the rude blonde lady who pushed past me before the concert - i forgive you it was U2 after all
And to the guy who was trying to chat up those Hawai ladies i certainly hope you git somewhere especially as you kept on shouting out "hawai" every 10mins

All in all it was definately worth flying from the UK and lining to see!!!
I will never ever forget this night - i just hope they release it on DVD or album or itunes etc

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