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Experimenting in rock is at its best when you dream from the perimeters and bring it back to the center. -- Bono

by Jill

This show was my 2nd--the first being a pre-9/11 Elevation Tour concert. I don't remember the exact date. I'm sorry-after reading several of these reviews it makes me feel like a horrible fan!

Anyway, onto this show. It was, in my opinion, very good. It could have been better for me but that was because our seats were behind the stage. When my boyfriend bought them, he thought he was doing me a favor by purchasing the tickets CLOSEST to the stage. I was disappointed with the seats because the speakers were set up, obviously, to project the best sound in front of the stage. Also, of course, we watched a lot of the back of their heads. What was semi-annoying was that he had done a little internet searching and got the impression that the stage was open and the view was unobstructed. Not true--there were giant curtains of lights that hung down and glowed various colors which made it extremely difficult at times to see any members in the band. It is certainly not the band's fault that the view was obstructed--it was my boyfriend's for not thoroughly researching the setup. Regardless, we missed a lot of sound (particularly the between-song commentary) and sight because we were behind the stage.

The set list was decent. I thought that the Elevation Tour show was better but that may be because I prefer those songs to those on the newest album. For the average fan it was a great mix of old and new. I was happy to hear "One", "Mysterious Ways", "I Will Follow", "Bad", and "Miss Sarejavo". The "Instant Karma" cover was icing on the cake. I am not a fan who can afford to see multiple shows per tour so I wasn't bored by the fact that they seem to play most of the same songs each show. Someone said "isn't the point of doing multiple shows in a city to play more material?" I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that multiple shows were attempts to give more fans the opportunity to see them--not to entertain a very small minority of fanatical fans who see several and dozens of shows each tour.

The band and fans had a lot of energy. You could feel the floors bouncing up and down several times through the night--a sensation that is both cool and unsettling. I have a sore throat myself today to attest to my enthusiasm!

Overall, it was a stellar show. The band sounded great, the fans sounded great, the set list was good. I would have loved to have actually heard "In A Little While" but we don't always get what we want in life! I enjoyed the show and absolutely will see them again when I have the chance to do so.

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