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Adam and I are the jazz men in the band. But the Teutonic Larry Mullen and the Presbyterian Edge always demand, 'No fat. Back to the original arrangement.' -- Bono

by McFisto

The First Time, off Zooropa, was a major highlight for me. I saw U2 in New Jersey back in May. I purposely did not read this site before the MSG show, because I wanted the set list to be as much of a surprise as possible.

I was not expecting The First Time at all. Good song! (I really like alot of those songs on Zooropa) Then, the NYC crowd gets the extra special treat of Instant Karma (John Lennon cover). I missed Patti Smith's opening set, but got to see her join in on Instant Karma. My clueless buddy thought it was Yoko Ono who came on stage. We were laughing at him the whole way home.

JJ, I can relate to your lament of the same old set list boredom. I never saw them in concert in the 80s, but I've caught 'em at least once per tour since Actung. Some of the songs I do grow tired of.

But, the set list at MSG 11/21 was different enough from the May NJ set list, that I am satisfied with my 2 shows this year.

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