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"I suppose you could put in the liner notes: 'Please do not mistake Bono for God.'" — Edge

by Mike B

Great, great show. Band played great, good song list but would have prefered to hear some more older stuff.


They did a great version of Sunday Bloody Sunday to which they brought the little boy on stage. Very cool and is something I am sure the boy will treasure always.

Instant Karma, excellent! Even know he acted as if he was unsure how it would turn out, it was excellent.

Part way into the show Bono is talking before the next song (which was a dedication to his father) and says for the past ten years every time I spoke to my father he would ask me when are you going to take off the f-ing sun glasses. Well I will now. He took them off and gave them to someone in the crowd or someone working for the band (could not see who). Then sang "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own". Great song, sad song.

Most of the show was a highlight.


One thing I wanted to mention is people in the audience always cheer for odd things because they either don't know what is being said or they don't listen. I mean Bono would talk about something bad, people cheer, it is ridiculous.

Anyway so they play "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and the music slows and Bono talks about years ago they came to the Garden and had a choir sing the song for them (I was at the show the night before that one back in the day) and tonight to thank New York they wanted us to sing it for them. He holds out the mic and most of the crowd sang only the chorus. He pulls the mic back and starts the first few words to the song and crowd again sings the chorus. Like cows they could only moo, no real talking. Most of them had no idea he was asking us to sing the whole song for them. After 2 sets of chorus he turned to the band to have them end it. So he turns to the crowd and says, there are opportunities in life and if you have a chance you should grab them. You should have taken that one...... And what does the crowd do, they decide cheer (idiots).

Before playing one he wanted to thank people for their work with Live8 and went through the list. When he got to Rev. Al Sharpton (spelling?) quite a few people booed. Also after mention someone (don't remember who, someone behind us got up yelled that person was a piece of sh*t and got up and stormed out.

It think it rude for people to boo even if you don't agree with Bono, he has the right to thank them. And to say what the person behind me, it is wrong on so many levels. There were young kids near us, that is just not right to do that.

Other than those low points, it was excellent.

I want to post photos but don't know how. I will see if I can figure it out and add them.

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