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"Let's just say he's on the border between something and nothing." — Bono, on Edge's nickname

by Imran zootv04

Wow no seriously wow!!!!!
This was the 1st time i saw U2 after trying for 15 yrs!!! It was amazing and even that cannot describe it.
To be honest it all started yesterday at around 11am when i left Queens, NY to go to MSG. After reading several reviews on this site as to how they sell tickets on the day i made trip from london in hope that i would get tickets. I didnt anticiapate that i would go to to the wrong entrance before joining the ticket line by that time people on there lunch break had already made it longer!!!
I got to give mad props to the girls from Hawai in front of me and the 2 guys infront of them.
When the guy gave me a white plastic credit card slip my heart missed a beat! i nearly had tickets and when i did get them they were great seats section 313.

So i took my cuz to see the show we arrived about 8pm and patti smith was on singing "dancing barefoot" it sounded really really loud but i managed to find our seats which was bit hard cause it was dark and was not marked out well. Strangly enough was kinda like a ticket line reunion as everyone in the line was seated in my section and they were amazing seats. I was to the left of the stage on one of the risers but the view was amazing! Pattie Smith was great she sang a bit of "vertigo" which she had written down on a piece of paper.
Afterwards she thanked everyone and U2 and we were away!

The lights went up as the stage hands worked there magic there were even people in the lights making sure they were ok - amazing!

THEN AT 9:30PM "the arcade fire - wake up" starts pounding out of the speakers everyone and i mean everyone stands up we know whats gonna happen - the electricity was amazing!!
THEN "everyone" chant starts we go ape!! everyone go mad, then i see The Edge and then Adam, Then Larry - confetti starts to fall and up the stairs walks Bono! 20,000+ people are on there feet! at first the sound was a bit distorted but they sort it out pretty soon. VERTIGO blew the roof off! Elevation was amazing! i love the wah wah intro with us all singing the chorus until Larry and Adam kick in.
Then I WILL FOLLOW which rocked! I still havent found just kept up the intensity! then Beautiful Day with a bit of the beatles blackbird.
Next it was Original of the Species which Bono said "we dont play so much so i hope we dont f@$k it up" they didnt it was amazing everyone was singing! Then it was SYCMIOYO dedicated to Bob Hewson which everyone clapped for
LOVE and PEACE OR ELSE was next and i swear that adam was on another planet his bass was vibrating the whole arena. Bono really hits that drum! then SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY!! the crowd went nuts as bono said "this is your song cmon sing it" he even brought up a little boy for the no more war part and even put THE CLASHES "Rock the kasabah" at the end. BULLET THE BLUE SKY was unreal live i mean i have heard many versions live and recorded but edge was something else! I just wish he would do it on the albums! sheer class!!!
Miss Sarajevo WOW!!!! That operatic part was amazing unreal!!! then PRIDE AND STREETS had everybody dancing!! and then ONE AND OLD MAN RIVER!

After a short break they were back UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD has The Edge dancing and skipping round the circle while Bono was running really running after him. THEN Mysterious ways and With or without you in which he pulled up the token girl on stage to dance.
After a very short break 2 great version of THE FIRST TIME AND SIAMYCGOI and to close an off the planet version of BAD with Instant Karma with Pattie smith.

And all throughout 20,000+ people stood standing dancing, singing, clapping we blew the house of the joint with more than a little help from U2!

One of the best experiences ever in my life.

THANK YOU yo every review that i read on this site that made my mind up to come over to see them and THANK YOU U2!!!!!!

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