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"People tell us during our shows we sell very little in the way of hot dogs." — Edge

by jj

also, and i'm sure i'll get heat for this, but its not at all cool in my opinion to stick a young kid (maybe 7 years old) on stage, sit him in a chair and scream in his face with a crazy bandana around your head. it's disturbing enough to see a child sitting on stage at a "rock" concert, but the surrounding shenanigans really make it even more disturbing. i don't have kids, but if i did, i'm pretty sure that i wouldn't want to see any at a concert. and while i have absolutely no problem with people bringing their kids to shows, at the end of the day its just flat out uncool to seat one on stage during the show in a little mini kid chair. and again, the critique here is of the band, not at all people that bring kids to shows. my point is that its enough with all this extra-curricular stuff... the music suffers and is losing out badly. the band should spend less time planning this 'non music' stuff and put a little more thought into a creative set list. im done.

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