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"Psychedelic stuff, with TVs in their bellies. As a person who doesn't trifle with hallucinogens, it's the closest I'll come to Jimi Hendrix." — Bono, on Teletubbies

by Ally

the 11/21 show was so incredible! i saw 4 other shows at MSG this year (5/21, 10/7. 10/8, and 10/14), and this one was by far the best.

wow... i don't even know where to start! patti smith was amazing- she is the real deal, folks. i loved that she snippeted a bit of 'vertigo' during her opening set. 'i will follow' was so rocking, 'original' sounded beautiful, bono once again nailed 'miss sarajevo'. the encores were incredible: during 'streets', bono and adam kissed on the lips! did anyone else see this? 'until the end of the world' was insane- bono was chasing edge all the way around the ellipse, he was really running! 'mysterious ways' was fantastic- edge did his 'funky feet' all the way across the front of the stage. and then WOWY, where bono pulled up a beautiful girl to dance, and gave her his conductor hat. after a couple of accoustic songs, we were in for a treat: 'instant karma' duet between bono and patti smith! wow. that's something i never thought i'd see. finally, this incredible show ended with a moving and inspirational version of 'bad'- 'people got the power' is still ringing in my ears....

thank you, U2, for a fantastic night!

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