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"The others don't count me as a musician. In fact the only way to get Edge to play the guitar is when I start playing it." — Bono

by jj

honestly, that was the worst u2 show i've ever seen in my life. this is my 4th show this tour, their 7th in NYC, and the back end of the 3rd leg. why they decided to play every single one of their greatest hits and nothing else is beyond me. isn't the point of playing multiple shows in a single venue to cover more material and play more stuff to that group of people? this set list is so effin boring i can't even put it into words. elevation, i will follow, i still haven't found, beautiful day, that stupid bandana during love and peace, sunday bloody, bullet, pride, streets, one, until the end, lame version of mysterious, dumb unplugged version of stuck, with or without you. how boring is this? how freakin lame has this band become that they'd choose this no effort, no brainer, automatic set for a 7th show in NYC? i'm pissed. i want more. i want kite, walk on, gloria, electrico, un cat, out of control, fast cars, in a little while, miracle drug, running to stand still, ANYTHING OTHER THAN THEIR GREATEST HITS, AUTO PILOT, PREDICTABLE CROWD PLEASERS. and i'm not asking for the impossible. i'm conditioned not to even hope for one tree hill, ultraviolet, so cruel, hawkmoon, in gods country, sort of homecoming, exit, two hearts, like a song, surrender, heartland, please, gone, wake up deadman or any one of their hundred other sick songs...i'm just asking for some variety within the range of this tour. i'm ready to mutiny im so disgusted. the same speaches, moves, jumps, rotations. its definitely not a concert. adam takes his one lap, bono barely spends any time on the catwalk, larry hates waving to the crowd when he walks back from playing the drums during love and peace, bono blindfolded, this song's for hutch, this song's for my dad, this song's for africa, this song's for the balkans, this song's for (fill in the blank). its all so played, routine, heard/seen it every single show for the last 5 years. i love this band, and bono's a hero and his causes are all great and beyond admirable, but this "show" has hit the wall and is absolutely 100% predictable and boring.

on a positive instant karma was awesome, vertigo is killer, and bad was excellent.

last show in NYC tonight. i'm hoping its drastically different, but last night's show being the second to last for god knows how long will leave a very sour taste in my mouth. no effort at all.

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