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"We're still the wedding band from hell; we're the Kelly Family from outer space." — Bono

by JoeB

I was lucky enough to see them twice in NY on this leg of the tour. My HS soccer team sent my as a "coaches gift" back in on 10/10. Really enjoyed that show. The seats weren't the greatest (side stage, way up high), Bono's voice was having some problems, but it was still a great show. However last night, I felt like I hit the jackpot! Our seats were fantastic (center ice). Bono's voice was as strong as I 've ever heard him in concert (approx 10 times). The crowd was so loud and pumped up that many times you could hardly hear Bono above the crowd. I usually could not hear him as he was talking between songs.
HIGHLITES: Miss Sarajevo gave me chills (again). Hearing Original, Mysterious Ways, The First time, and Stuck in a Moment and One was a great for me. Hearing them play Instant Karma was a really cool and totally suprised nobody expected.

NEGATIVES: just nit-picking really, it was an amazing show that totally blew me away from begenning to end but, they hardly used the "cat walk" part of the stage. And finally, I've been trying with absolutely no success to convience my wife (who was with me) to take my son who is a 7 year old fanatic of the band, but she won't budge and Bono dropped a couple of "F-Bombs" early in the show which just gave her more ammo to not bring him to a concert just yet.
I really hope the rumors are true and they do come play Giants stadium next summer

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