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The people we'd choose to describe the condition of the world are not often the people God would choose. The chosen may be punk rockers or hip-hop people. But nonetheless, the state of the world will be described.-- Bono, 2004

by DanP

The first set is slow, especially if you've already been to the Innocence tour 2 years ago.  There's a surprising amount of repeat songs, videos, and effects from the Innocence tour.

The show made me feel sad for America instead of giving me energy to go out and change things for the better.

This show suffers because:

    • No spontaneity – every song and every band member movement is obviously mapped out and repeated night after night
    • No meaningful interaction with fans (e.g. fans onstage)
    • Dull setlist – I Will Follow, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Cedarwood Road, Elevation, Vertigo, City of Blinding Lights are all exact copies of the Innocence tour.

All Because of You was not a worthy replacement of Gloria.  The Ocean is very short - didn't feel like band had fully started the song - and then it was over.  Staring at the Sun is yet another mid-tempo song in a show that desperately needs more rock & roll.

The VR app on the phone was useless.  Showed the same effect all night long.  Don’t waste your time.

Sound quality was excellent.  A highlight was Pride with the band spread out among the crowd.

I had a ticket for the next night, but I gave it to my wife because this show doesn’t need to be seen twice.

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