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"U2 saved my life in a way because I am unemployable. There's nothing else I can do." — Bono

by Liz Z

This show was my third of the tour but my first time in GA. The experience was so addictive and the show flew by, compared to the shows I saw from seats.  My GA experience was really great– you can get so close to the stage without lining up all day. It felt like the band was looking right in my direction all the time. I still can't believe how close I was able to be at a U2 concert!

I arrived to the floor around 7pm and although I wanted to be near the small stage, it was a few people deep, so I opted to get as close to the main stage as I could, which was only about 12 people back. I was surprised how many casual fans were there early and that it wasn't all super fans around me. Radio station winners, people who had gotten tickets from a friend of a friend, etc.

The show started later than usual, around 8:40. I secretly wondered what was holding the band up. Would there be special set list surprises? Bono spoke less than the other shows I had seen so far, but told us they had some "rarities" coming up. I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Before “Song for Someone,” Bono said he had written it to impress his now-wife, but now he's trying to impress his daughters, who were in attendance. I knew he must be giving his best performance if his family was there!

Near the end of “Until the End of the World,” I decided to try to get to the small stage and managed to grab three pieces of the various book pages that fall from the air during the song. I am pretty sure I saw Salmon Rushdie in the celebrity riser. The crowd was going wild as I walked though. Intermission was “The Wanderer.”  I hadn't paid close enough attention but my husband said he noticed that Johnny Cash ages as the song goes on.  He had seats up by the soundboard with our friends but I had managed to buy a single GA ticket when the show went on sale.

When I got to the small stage, I couldn't get where I wanted, closer to the end of the catwalk, so I ended up behind the drum kit. Then I figured out why that spot was open. There were some very sloppy and rowdy fans right in front of me. But it was a great spot to watch. I was floored that they played  “The Sweetest Thing” - Bono playing piano was great. I hardly recognized “Lucifer's Hands” at first....  that was wild. And “All I Want Is You” was incredible. The fan guitarist Bono brought up from Latin America was amazing. He spoke to Bono afterwards and they had this special moment together hugging. Then Bono gave him the guitar to keep.  Bono sang one of the most heartfelt “With Or Without You” performances I have seen ... or, at least I was close enough to tell how much heart and soul he puts into that song.

I had seen Instagram photos that looked really cool directly at the end of the stage looking on at the catwalk head on, so I switched spots again during “City of Blinding Lights” and “Bullet The Blue Sky” which was a great perspective.  I wish I had stayed there for the encore because they actually exited right there during “I Still Haven’t Found…” I had moved up to the North Side (Adam's side) and got fairly close. It was another great perspective and different end of the screen for the Mother/Child portion.

Even though it was my third time seeing the show, being on the floor gave me an entirely different perspective. I have much more of an appreciation for the show every time I go. 

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