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Bruce Springsteen. . . . with those brooding brown eyes, eyes that could see through America. -- Bono, induction speech for Springsteen at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

by DanP

Oh my, tonight's show was great.  Easily the best of the 3 Madison Sq Garden shows that I've seen this week.

The sound was great and Bono sounded back to 100% - as good as he sounded on July 19.  I was sitting up high in the 300 level seats.  I wonder if the sound is actually better the higher you are in the arena?

So many cool things about the setlist tonight: The snippet of Blaze of Glory (I'm a huge fan of The Alarm), All I Want is You (with fan guitar player - so cool that Bono gave him the guitar to keep), Sweetest Thing, Lucifer's Hands (where did that come from?), Electric Co, Led Zep lyrics!

The vibe in the Garden was absolutely electric tonight and the band just kept feeding back on it.

Is Edge the musical director of whatever craziness happens in the circular B stage?  Bono kept asking Edge "What's Next", and it felt like Edge was directing the crazy B stage setlist.

I hadn't noticed from lower seats that Bono has a teleprompter with all the lyrics.

A recommendation for anyone seeing the show twice: See it from seats/floor up close once, and see it from high up the 2nd time.  Totally different experiences and well worth it.

Great great great show tonight.  Gonna remember tonight's show for a long time.

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