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"We still make music for virgins. That is the most powerful moment, the discovery." -- Bono, 2005

by EricandJen

Thank God for second chances.  Due to audio problems in the Saturday show, my hearing somewhat returned around 3pm on Sunday, at leaset to the point where I didn't have to say "hunhh???" everytime someone talked to me.  My ears were still ringing going into the show, but just a few moments later all would be forgiven as Bono took the stage and began with The Miracle.  Instantly we could discern the difference in audio from the previous night.  they had figured it out (we were sitting in roughly the same place as before).  The music levels were perfect and bono's voice didn't sound tinny and weak like the night before.

The Sunday show was an entirely different experience from top to bottom.  Right off the bat both Bono and the crowd were more energized, it is simply amazing the difference in a show when the two are in sync.  Getting to see the stunning visuals again, and really looking at the details and listening to the story made this journy with Bono an amazing experience.  It is rare to go to a concert and enjoy "the new music" as much as the classics.  I have to admit this has not been my favorite album, but I came away from this show loving these songs and can't wait to listen to the album anew with fresh ears.

For me, there is only ever two songs that I pine to hear.  Bad and Wild Horses.  One outta two wasn't bad, and i was delighted when the opening bit of Bad started playing.

There is an aspect of this show that i have to mention as well.  ATYCLB is my soundtrack for the events of 9/11.  I was in Ireland when 9/11 happened, having just left NY 3 days before.  I was listening to Beautiful Day on loop as the tragedy unfolded.  I'd never had the chance to see them play in NY before now.  The morning of the second show we spent at the 9/11 memorial, helping my 8 year old son who really is a product of that day understand what was going on, and I spent the day back living in my mind back on that day.  Coming to the show I was emotionally drained and then they played both Beautiful Day and of course City of Blinding Lights (written shortly after their show in New York post-attack).  Aside from being a bit of a hot mess, this single concert put a bookend on my 9/11 experience.  I always like to say my favorite U2 show was my last one, and whereas I left horribly dispointed Saturday night, I sit in my office in Florida happy and content to have gotten the best U2 show of my life Sunday with both my wife and my son.

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