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"We're still the wedding band from hell; we're the Kelly Family from outer space." — Bono

by Jessica

So, Baltimore probably was not the best place to have the concert. The traffic was horrendous and the parking even worse! I paid $40 for a parking permit. I didn't realize I was parking in Camden Yards next to the Orioles Baseball field!

I had GA tickets so I was thinking I should get there kind of early to get in line for a good spot on the field. Apparently I was #549. I know this because some event organizer gave a Sharpie marker to the crowd and had us write numbers so they could make sure they didn't overcrowd the inner circle. They were supposed to open the gates at 4:30PM, but we didn't get in until around 6:00PM. The vendors were slightly annoying. I got a drink when I first got in, but the second time they wouldn't let me keep the cap on the bottle. Not sure what that was about or why the first vendor didn't confiscate it.

I was next to the barrier in front of the outer walkway around the inner circle. Prime seats! Florence + the Machine were great (I'm already a fan) but there was bit of feedback in the first few songs. People seemed bored. I think most didn't know who they were.

When U2 hit the stage, people went crazy. There was some pushing during the first few songs, but after awhile people seemed to calm down--at least where I was standing.

I didn't realize the long empty platform in front of the barrier was for media! They piled up on there and stayed during the first 3 songs for Florence and U2. As soon as the third song was over, fans started screaming at the media people to move. I believe I saw a bottle thrown at them.

The concert itself was great. I saw U2 in Tampa in 2009 and the experience was awful. I had terrible nosebleed seats and people were more noticably drunk. The closer you get, though, the less you care about it. The dedication of "Beautiful Day" to Gabby Giffords by Mark Kelly was great. I heard there were a few "celebs" in the audience too (i.e.--Nancy Pelosi and Matt Damon). I was happy to hear some old favorites like "Pride," but also some lesser known stuff the casual fan wouldn't know, like "Zooropa."

Overall, despite the terrible preparation by Baltimore and M&T Bank Stadium, the concert experience was great. I'll be seeing U2 again the next chance I get!

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