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"I come from Ireland and I've seen the damage of religious warfare. I am a believer. I don't wear the badge on the outside but it is on the inside." — Bono

by Brian Bennett

Here is what happened. There was about 400 contest winners that were let in. They had us wear these wrist bands that said VERTIGO on them. They had us show our ID's before we got on the busses to go to the show. We were wanded down and patted down before we were let in. They said no cell phones, recorders or cameras....so I was unable to get photos for you all. We were let in at about 6:00pm....concert started at about 7pm. Just before it started about another 100 fans were let in. One guy sat next to me. He said that he was there starting at 9am that morning outside. Bono came out around 3pm and talked to a lot of the fans. He said that if the crowd did not get to big he would see about getting all of them in to see the show. So just before the show security came out and told everyone to get rid of cell phones, cameras, etc. I thought we were going to be allowed into the heart, but we had to sit up in the first row of seats. One of the crew came out before the show and said that they wanted us all to see the show and all the lights, etc. They had been playing for about a week there and wantd to run through with fans to see how we would react. We had great views....I sat down front on The Edges' side. The set was basiclly like the Elevation Tour....not a heart, but an egg/oval....same runway for Bono to run around. The light set up on the floor made an bomb target circle thing....when the lights came on. They started with CITY OF BLINDING LIGHTS.... The Edge, Larry and Adam came on stage.....Bono appeared at the tip of the heart to start singing. The best part was this Red, Silver, and White confettie that was released from the roof. It kept comming down the whole song. It looks soooooo cool. They have these 6 sheets of lights. They were strands of ropes or electrical cords with lights on them. The people from the back of the stage will be able to see threw them.....So you will have great seats if you are there. There were all kinds of lights and colors going around on these curtain type light strands. Like during SOMETIMES there was this big man 2 story man walking around the stage on these light curtains. Very cool. Next three songs were from old school stuff. There was a big picture of the Boy on the War cover shown up. The played A CRY/ELECTRIC CO. (with snippets form Send in the Clowns) at the end of Electric Co. The played A CAT DUBH, INTO THE HEART, and BEAUTIFUL DAY. Then on MIRACLE DRUG....Bono started to explain the story about the boy....but then stopped and said you guys already know this. Made me laugh. The lights were running around the heart, zooming around. All different colors, very cool. Dedicated SOMETIMES YOU CAN'T MAKE IT ON YOUR OWN to his father. Probably my favorit song was LOVE AND PEACE OR ELSE. The bass just went right threw you. Larry was on the tip of the heart with one drum and a symble. He played from there. He even sang part of the song with Bono. At the end of the song Bono grabbed the sticks and played drums...beating on them like some trible chant while Larry walked back to his drum set and finished the song. ELEVATION was great. New verson....We all sang the Whoo Hoos at the first with him. STUCK IN A MOMENT was very cool. Just The Edge on Keys and Bono trying to play guatar. He didn't do to well with his playing, but laughted at himself about it. YAHWEH was very cool. Slowed down and soft. At the end it was just Adam on Bass and Bono singing. Bono said, "you never get to just hear Adam...he does pretty good." Then right into BULLET THE BLUE SKY....the lights came down and there was this fighter plan zooming around on the light curtains. It was all in red, very cool. RUNNING TO STAND STILL was very cool. The Edge on keys. At the end of it tons of Smoke came pouring out like in ZooTV Tour. They went into this Human Rights reading. There were about 14-15 different bills of rights....it got kind of long. Came back after their short break with ZOO STATION and then THE FLY...both these songs were very strong with lots of The Edge. VERTIGO is what they ended the set with. Very good, better than what I have seen them sing it like during the Hall of Fame and on SNL. During the end when he says..."All of this, All of this can be yours..." The song kind of slowed down and stopped....the then sang some lines from STORIES FOR BOYS ...then it sped back up to finish Vertigo. Bono said "Good night" Oncore #1 PRIDE and then STREETS. During STREETS the curtain lights had all these African flags going all different directions on it. He talked a little about Africa and Debt. He did not do Psalms 116. During ONE he said that we should hold up our cell phones and turn them on and let the lights shine. The he told us to TEXT our names to UNITE and that our names our appear on the screens about them. It was very cool. So bring your cell phones. Oncore #2 Came out with ALL BECAUSE OF YOU. This song rocked. Very loud and was a great way to close out the show. ....."40".....The greatest way to end a U2 show. He talked to us and thanked us for coming out. Wished us a Happy Easter. Bono had this bright spot light and shown it around the at everyone. He then set the light down pointing up at the roof. He waved and walked off. So did Adam and The Edge. Larry was left there playing the drums and we were all still singing just like in the old days. He played for 3-4 minutes and then left. What a great show. This Tour is going to just get better. It is a very strong show and setlist.

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